Welcome to “Be Art Store.com”

“Be Art Store” is the perfect place to shop for my beautiful abstract and abstract expressionism art.

In addition that “Be” are the two first initials of my name, when I am painting is like being in a state of “Be” not “Being” because to me “being” represents a state of “presence” a state of “I am” and that is not how it feels, am not present in the moment it feels more like an out of space experience, is like becoming embedded in the canvas and the painting.

I believe the name “Be” reflects the true state of my art, whether it is painting it or viewing it.

A question that is often asked is how do you know a painting is finished?

If my heart beats faster, gets a visual impact or is connected to the art piece that is when I know is finished. The painting has to speak.

I do not rush or plan the process; neither have any type of expectations

Some paintings take a month or several years to finish

About Bereniche Aguiar
I was born with the heart of an artist, along with an endless imagination and a fire within to create. I have two little furry girls and they are the joy in my life.

I have had a love for painting, drawing, fashion design and developing products ever since I was a little girl. I even made my own paint kits, out of my Aunt’s old nail polishes, mixing combinations of colors from the different bottles and I painted my art with the nail polish brushes.

On top of that, I designed constructed outfits and furniture for my Barbie’s, as well as, draw and colored clothes for my paper dolls.

Creating and bringing new ideas into realization has always been natural for me. But, I also had the influence of growing up in an artistic family with painters, musicians, singers and writers. Additionally, my family included successful business owners.
In fact, I couldn’t wait to be 15 years of age, what I thought was old enough, to be independent and have a business.

At 17 years old I had the privilege of having my first professional art exhibit. At some point, although I was still painting, I chose not to pursue the traditional artist’s path of participating in artist’s gatherings and social circles. My desire lied elsewhere and I wanted to go in another direction; to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer.

However, the source to study fashion was not available to me at the time. So, I turned my attention toward architecture and specialized in furniture and lighting designer.

Over time I have: designed interior architecture e.g. drop down ceilings, lighting, space planning, owned 2 art galleries, painted and sold countless paintings, designed multiple and diverse items such as, furniture, handbags, a designer collection for pets, a personal skin care line, as well as designed the interiors of private aircraft.